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11 Plus Tutor

11 Plus is an examination taken by students in their last year of primary school to get into a grammar school of their choice. In reality most children will only be 10 years old when they take the test – the term “11 Plus” refers to the fact that the test selects for schools with an entry point for children aged 11 or over.

We at BMA feel responsible for helping to ensure each child is given the opportunity to achieve highly and be confident learners. Our 11 plus tuition centres are based in Harrow, Pinner, Radlett & Rickmansworth and provides 11 plus tutoring in all subjects. We have high quality and experienced 11 plus tutors who can help your child prepare for Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning.

Our 11 plus tuition centre focuses on this ambition to push ones child  to achieve what he actually can. It is also important to not only work on academics, but also support the child’s mindset, positivity, work ethic and all round management of their educational journey.

Our 11 Plus Tutor program works by:

  1. Fully supported and personalised teaching of all topics/areas within each subject
  2. Help create a strong foundation to build on – working on key numeracy and literacy skills
  3. Regular informal assessment to ensure your child retains the skills they develop
  4. Guiding and supporting a child’s application of their knowledge to exam questions/ papers
  5. Full tailored made preparation in line with the school your child is aiming for
  6. Development of all areas including problem solving, confidence, pace and healthy competition. – All important components for 11+ successes.

Every parent will come to understand that the 11 plus exam is quite unforgiving. Unlike GCSE, A-Levels and even degrees, where re-sits are permitted, you only get one attempt at securing entry into your choice of grammar school. Therefore, preparation is the key to success. But preparation can be difficult when information available online is limited and here our 11 plus tutors will provide the proper consultation to the parents so that they are aware of all the necessary information.

In addition to this we can also offer Maths and English Tutoring, Private Key Stage 1 and 2 Tutors to build confidence, managing stress, problem solving skills, mindfulness and mindset to help support your child’s 11+ journeys.

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