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Tip 2 – Mastering Maths

Ever wondered why your child seems to forget their maths all the time? Or even revisit topics again and again, even though you feel the topic has been covered several times. Learning Maths is like riding a bike……….you have to keep practicing it until you are so confident that you do it naturally……even to the point where you don’t need to hold the handle.

Unfortunately many children will only focus on what topic is currently being taught or examined. This leads to irregular practice which leads to methods being forgotten which again leads to lack of confidence and progress.

Why not introduce short 15-20min maths sessions regularly to revisit topics like multiplication, division, fractions, percentages and decimals. This will lead to excellence if applied consistently over a long period of time.

To help you, here is a link to a fantastic maths resource

The website contains videos for every topic for revision or learning something new and worksheets to practice and reinforce. It also includes topic-wise exam papers to stretch ones knowledge even further.

Here is a link for regular practice daily…….and the best part is it only takes 5-10mins a day. Simply click on the relevant section.

If you use this website and just apply the regular sessions tip…..then you will be amazed on what can be achieved.

I hope that helps. Till next week…..for the next tip.