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What does Bright Mind Academy stand for?

Bright – That Eureka moment students have

Mind – Mind set required to reach potential

Academy – Provider of holistic services

When did Bright Mind Academy start?

The journey started in September 2018 – after being in a tuition franchise for over 8 years.

Why did you set up Bright Mind Academy?

I always felt empty when working as a teacher and tutor and I wanted to help children and parents much more than I was at that time. I found a massive gap in the market and as a result developed two unique services (shown below).

What services does Bright Mind Academy offer?

Bright Mind Academy provides two main services:

Bright Mind Academy is a unique provider of holistic services for children to help them become the best version of themselves.

We are also the only provider of a free seminar based platform for parents to discuss and learn from carefully selected professionals to help them to better support their child.

What core values does the company have?

1) Transformational change – Having a positive impact on students and people

2) Serving the community – Helping others with integrity

3) Providing  value – Giving maximum value consistently